Steps to effective
creative proposals

Step 1
Get the context right
Understanding the client’s brand, brief and challenges
Ask the right questions
Step 2
Study the precedents
Review past projects to learn from them
Don’t make the same mistakes
Offer new insights
Step 3
Survey the competition
Know what the competitors' are doing & saying
Deliver a compelling message over the competition
Step 4
Peer into the audience
Have deep analysis of the audience’s needs, motivations and psyche
Don’t assume research insights are always true
Step 5
Establish an integrated strategic plan
Brainstorm, debate and explore ideas
Customised messages for different touchpoints
Step 6
Tap the collective intelligence
Exchange perspectives and opinions.
Evaluate ideas critically, distill and refine to get the best
Step 7
Effective implementation brings a great idea to realisation
Execute well with great design, copy and direction
Implement well by being on time and on budget

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